Andrew Asare
October 10, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Do the opening credits of American Horror Story: Coven give us any clues to the upcoming season ? We’ve singled out five creepy frames below — scroll down to see for yourself, if you dare.

Yikes! This looks worse than when I got stitches as a kid. The message here: There will be blood.

Is this preying mantis-type demon a refugee from Sleepy Hollow?

The bug eyes: Scary. The claws: Scarier.

Why are the witches dressed like Klansmen?

As last night’s premiere showed, bayou voodoo will figure heavily into this season. (The young witch played by Gabourey Sidibe has the power of being a “human voodoo doll.”)

Which image spooked you most — and what do you think they say about what’s in store?

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