Samantha Highfill
October 13, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

On Tuesday, Catfish‘s second season will come to a close with the sure-to-shock story of Mike and Caroline followed by a live reunion show. And although that’s good and dandy, what’s more important at the moment is what we just watched on the special, Catfish Season 2: Last Hooks. There were montages, bloopers, favorite moments, dance breaks, and even a trip to Peru. However, none of that overshadowed the absence of one silver fox named Max. Maybe it was just me, but I was genuinely hoping this special would be nothing but Nev and Max being adorable … though we did get glimpses of that.

After reliving Nev’s most memorable moments — fake eyeballs! weapons of mass destruction! that creepy guy who did the slow clap! — we got some behind-the-scenes details about the show. For example, did you know they receive approximately 25,000 emails a year? Now you do! You’re welcome. But not really, because that’s boring. BUT did you know that Nev and Max like to fill time in the car by singing? Now this is what I was waiting for. Cue the musical montage (complete with Nev’s chest hair)!

That was fun, right? Especially the parts with Max, even though they didn’t last long. Before we knew it, we were back hanging out with Nev, whom I also love, as he (constantly) plugged the show’s upcoming finale. And when he wasn’t plugging, he was trying to find a replacement for Max. Newsflash, Nev: Not possible! And yet, Max was off in Peru filming commercials, so there wasn’t much he could do about it. However, that’s not saying I accept this separation. Quite frankly, it gives me anxiety.

Moving on to the next logical step for any special episode of an MTV show … animals? We watched as Max got attacked by an ostrich — those things are mean — Nev held a baby goat — those things are cute — and so on. At this point, every clip just made me miss Max more, and don’t even get me started on the blooper reel. I’m officially best friend ‘shipping Nev and Max (Spoiler: I always have been). My only blooper-related complaint is that nobody fell. Surely somebody did at some point on the show, so why am I not seeing it now? We watch Max and Nev run through airports all the time. I love you guys, but I want to watch you fall on your face. That concludes my people-tripping-is-funny mini-rant.

After one final Skype session with Max and a farewell montage, our half-hour was over, and sitting here now, I feel a little robbed. Not only was Max missing from hosting the special, but I didn’t get enough Nev-Max bonding moments. I would much rather watch Nev and Max hang out at a park than “relive” my favorite moments from the season. They’re kind of my favorite bromance on television (sorry Adam and Blake). I just didn’t get what I expected, and I know the footage exists. So the question remains: Why do you hate me, MTV?!

The Catfish season two finale airs Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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