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Samantha Highfill
October 15, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Fitz is a name that almost never escaped my lips growing up. I’ve never known someone named Fitz, and my favorite TV characters tended to go by Ryan, Cohen, Chandler, or Riggins. So when I recently started watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was introduced to a rocket scientist named Fitz, I stopped to think: There’s another Fitz in my life?! I’m already in love with two of them (and a little skeptical of one). I’ve got Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars, who’s my favorite character on the show … or was. I’m still not really sure what’s up with him. And then there’s the incredibly sexy President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal. How did my life become so Fitz-filled? I have no idea, but I’m not complaining.

So here’s the thing about my Fitzes. Not only do they all have great names, but they’re all pretty powerful in their own way, which is why I thought it’d be fun to compare their skills in an epic battle. After all, with a name as unusual as Fitz, surely there isn’t enough room for all of them (except in my heart). In no particular order, here’s a quick run down of everyone’s battle-ready traits:

Representing Pretty Little Liars, Ezra Fitz: Up until the last episode of PLL, this would’ve been a pretty short entry: Fitz has a wealthy family and a way with words. But now that we know that innocent Mr. Fitz could be one of the masterminds behind the “A” team, his list of battle-worthy skills has quadrupled. Not only is Fitz excellent at surveillance, hiding out, keeping secrets, finding secrets, hacking, making threats, and even potentially committing murder, but the man is also, quite simply, a pretty darn good liar. At least, he had me fooled. Ezra is a little too good at the whole secret-identity thing, and he’s obsessive about getting what he wants. Plus, he seems to have some anger issues. Did I mention he has an evil lair?

Representing Scandal, Fitzgerald Grant: Well, he’s President of the United States, so there’s that. And other than B16, Fitz has command over pretty much everything else. Also, he can be scary when he needs to be. Other things worth mentioning: He has entire Armed Forces under his command, and he’s been known to get his own hands dirty at least once (sorry Verna). He might seem like the obvious choice, but then again, with Mellie and Cyrus on his team, getting things done never seems all that easy for the Commander-in-Chief. And we all know his weakness (Hint: She wears a lot of white).

Representing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Leo Fitz: When it comes to smarts, this Fitz takes the cake. He’s quite literally a genius rocket scientist for an elite government agency. He says more big words in two sentences than I will probably say in my lifetime. He can hack nearly any system, figure out how to deal with alien items, and even turn a makeup container into some sort of high-tech sensor thing. And he’s got those tiny little flying cameras on his side, which would definitely be a battle perk … just so long as he doesn’t stress out under pressure.

If these three were put in a Hunger Games-type situation, which Fitz would make it out alive? The cyber bully  no one could locate who theoretically has nothing to lose (though I still think he loves Aria)? The President of the United States with a weakness for Olivia Pope? Or the rocket scientist who isn’t great under pressure? What about if they were stripped of all their fancy computers and military assets? Vote for your Fitz below!

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