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So here's what happened when Tom Hiddleston did 'SNL Korea' -- VIDEO

Self-proclaimed “lucky old sausage” Tom Hiddleston – a.k.a. the Marvel Film Universe’s Loki, god of mischief, madness, and evil – is having a grand old time touring around Asia. On Oct. 12, he posed in front of Beijing’s Qianmen; later that day, he posted a selfie from atop the Great Wall.

Soon afterward, Hiddleston traveled even farther east to taste the fruits of Seoul – including a guest spot on SNL Korea. (Yeah, SNL Korea is a thing. Since 2011! And their version of Weekend Update includes a pre-recorded weekly segment called “Wise Search for Life,” in translation!)

But I digress. Video of Hiddleston’s appearance has hit the Internet, and it is predictably charming. You may not understand what most of the people in this clip are saying – but watching an old lady tweak Loki’s nipples is funny in any language.

Bonus shot of Hiddleston and Korean Thor, perfect for all your wallpaper needs: