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'Contracted': Feel the fever with the horror film's nasty new poster -- EXCLUSIVE

Contracted Movie Poster

Did the condom-industrial complex (or “Big Propha,” as we conspiracy theorists like to call it) secretly finance Contracted? Probably not. But this new horror film from writer-director Eric England (Madison County) does sound like the ultimate in safe-sex commercials. Najarra Townsend (Me
 Know) plays a young woman named Samantha who contracts a gruesome disease after spending the night with a mysterious man (You’re Next screenwriter Simon Barrett) in what is being hyped as “a zombie film like you’ve never imagined.”

Contracted – which co-stars Texas Chainsaw Massacre II actress Caroline Williams and Charley Koontz from Community – is released theatrically Nov. 22 and will also be available on VOD from that date. But you can check out both the film’s new poster above and trailer below.


Originally posted October 24 2013 — 3:59 PM EDT


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