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October 24, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Scandal‘s Abby Whelan keeps things pretty close to the vest, but Darby Stanchfield — the actress who plays the sassy Pope & Associates Gladiator — was more than happy to chat celebrity crushes and her quotable movies when she sat down to take EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test. Before spilling some gossip on where Abby and her on-again, off-again lover David (EW’s own embedded vlogger Joshua Malina), the flame-haired Alaska native talks roller skating, Rob Lowe, and Lebowski. Click through to see Stanchfield get giggly about The Dude and to find out more about Abby and David’s “sexy” future.

“It’s not over between Abby and David,”  Stanchfield teases about Scandal‘s next installment. “It [took] them a couple of episodes this season, but they get cooking with gas again, and it heats up. You see them interact with each other again, particularly episodes 4 and 5. There are some really sweet and interesting and dysfunctional moments for Abby and David that I think fans will really like.” But, as with all things between the D.C. doll and the ambitious attorney, their interactions are “kind of bittersweet. [They’re] not only sexy, but there’s something that’s quite dysfunctional that is going to lead to more down the line.”

Amongst all this romantic drama and only-on-the-Beltway coverups, Stanchfield promises that her character will keep up her tension-breaking bluntness: “I love the way Abby’s always addressing the pink elephant in the room that nobody else will or does, and that she just cuts through all of the B.S. — right to the chase.”

It’s ironic, then, that the fixer — who’s had plenty of her own secrets, including an abusive ex-husband, exposed — is once again going to have some big reveals coming up this season. Says Stanchfield, “There are some moments when the rug is lifted back, and it’s shocking. You just realize, ‘Oh, wow, Abby…ohhhh Abby.”

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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