Lindsey Bahr
October 28, 2013 AT 02:30 PM EDT

How does an ordinary guy ask out a Princess?

Movies love to posit scenarios where that might happen. Most of the time it’s just a storytelling fantasy (à la Roman Holiday), but in the new Princess Diana biopic (out Nov. 1), we actually get a chance to see an interpretation of how the late Princess of Wales met Dr. Hasnat Khan, the heart surgeon she fell in love with in the final years of her life.

Check out the exclusive clip of their second meeting below, when Khan (played by Lost‘s Naveen Andrews) gets up the nerve to ask out Diana (Naomi Watts).

Casting the right actor to play Khan was crucial to Diana director Oliver Hirschbiegel (The Invasion). He immediately thought of Andrews, an actor who he remembered from The English Patient but was charmingly unaware of the fact that he’d gone on to greater fame through Lost. “There’s something very manly and civilized about Naveen that resembles Dr. Hasnat Khan tremendously,” Hirschbiegel told EW earlier this year. “He embodies that dignity.”

Watts had already committed to the project, so despite Hirschbiegel’s fondness for Andrews, he might have had to start from square one had the leads not connected in a believable way. “Of course when you do a love story it’s always about the chemistry between the two actors,” he said. “I put them next to each other on a bench and it was fun to watch. They were behaving a little bit like shy pubescent teenagers, which is when I knew this would work.”

Diana will show many of the iconic moments that any passive follower will remember, but Hirschbiegel really wanted to focus on the little known, but significant love story. He added: “That man got her to reinvent herself and find a new aim in her life.” And it all started with a little meet-cute in a hospital elevator.

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