Erin Strecker
October 31, 2013 AT 02:29 PM EDT

As Downton Abbey fans learned last season, what was supposedly a light U.K. drama could get dark — very dark.

But it’s always darkest before the dawn — and in a new teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth season, that appears to be true as the Dowager Countess gives Mary a pep talk about continuing on. “You have a straightforward choice before you,” she declares. “You must choose either death, or life.”

Matthew may be gone, but romance continues in the castle as the new clips show Anna and Bates together, as well as Edith kissing her married editor. With one sister dead and another in mourning, is it finally time for Edith to have her shot at love?*

Watch the new clip below:

Downton Abbey returns to PBS Jan. 5.

*Probably not.

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