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Hillary Busis
October 31, 2013 AT 01:55 PM EDT

Is anything quite as heartwarming as the forced merriment of a morning show Halloween?

Take Today, for example, which really went all out with a set of costumes themed around classic TV shows. (Did most of those originally air on NBC? You bet your wax lips they did!) Al Roker was B.A. Baracus from The A-Team; Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie were Laverne and Shirley; Carson Daly was Officer Baker from CHiPs, alongside Erik Estrada as “Erik Estrada’s younger self;” Hoda Kotb, and Kathie Lee Gifford went as Flintstones ladies Wilma and Betty. (Hoda: “Hey Wilma, you know what? It’s ‘Thirsty Thursday!’ You know what that means?” Kathie Lee, perhaps already hammered: “Brontosaurus burger and a pterodactyl tequila.”)

The best outfit, however, belonged to Matt Lauer, who got gussied up in full Pamela Anderson drag to become C.J. from Baywatch. (As you see above, Willie Geist was David Hasselhoff; Carmen Electra was the ghost of sex symbols past.) See all the gang’s in-character shenanigans below…

… or cut right to the money shot, courtesy of Today‘s Tumblr.

Meanwhile, the “Ghoul Morning America” team donned costumes themed around their first annual “Buzzy Awards,” which celebrate whatever the kids are talking about most these days. Feast your eyes on Josh Elliott as Ron Burgundy, Robin Roberts as Olivia Pope, Sam Champion as King Joffrey from Game of Thrones, Lara Spencer as Miley Cyrus, and George Stephanopoulos as Astronaut George Clooney, or possibly Sandra Bullock.

Spencer also does a pretty great Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. Dan Harris’s “Ryan Seacrest,” though, could use work. You can’t just wear a suit and show up, dude!

OUTTAKES! @laraspencerabc's Uncle Si impersonation is good…hilariously good. #GhoulMorningAmerica

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GMA‘s true MVP, however, was meteorologist Ginger Zee, rocking a Sharknado-inspired dress that sort of looks like it was designed by Christian Siriano.

And then there’s CBS This Morning, which got into the spirit of Halloween by… wearing vaguely black-and-orange ensembles and interviewing a grumpy Harrison Ford. Morning Madness: You’re doing it wrong.

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