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'Star Trek' poster project: 'A Private Little War,' 'The Conscience of the King'

Star Trek Poster 02

(Juan Ortiz)

“A Private Little War” was the 19th episode of the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series. Seems the Klingons were providing a primitive tribe with guns and other advanced weaponry in their war with another tribe. Captain Kirk had to decide between honoring the Prime Directive to the letter of the law or helping the overmatched tribe by hooking them up with some firearms, too. It’s all very Cold War-y allegorical and stuff. It’s also the inspiration for the latest piece in artist Juan Ortiz’s effort to create retro sci-fi/pulp movie style poster for every single episode of ST:TOS.


The Conscience of the King” – the 13th episode of Trek’s first season – takes its title from Hamlet. In the episode, Kirk and crew investigate the leader of a Shakespearean acting troupe who might have once been a former mass murdering dictator. You know, when he wasn’t waiting on tables in Silver Lake hoping to get discovered.

As always, you can buy prints at Quantum Mechanix. You can also purchase T-shirts here beginning Friday.

Originally posted November 1 2013 — 1:00 AM EDT

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