Hillary Busis
November 08, 2013 AT 05:56 PM EST

Take a good look at the run-down bungalow on the cover of Eminem’s recently-released The Marshall Mathers LP 2, because it’s now in even worse shape. The Detroit News reports that the house — which Eminem called home as a child — was damaged in a fire Thursday evening. The Detroit Fire Department has not yet explained the cause of the fire.

Eminem’s mother Deborah Mathers lived in the 747-square-foot brick building from 1989 until 2003, according to public records. It sold for $24,650 in December 2007 and is currently owned by the Michigan Land Bank. Tennessee-based Eminem fan Shelly Hazlett submitted a $100 bid for the home just days ago; despite the fire, she says that she still plans to go through with buying the house and turning it into an Eminem museum. “If they would still let me have it, I would have it in a heartbeat — as long it’s still sort of standing,” Hazlett told MLive.com Friday morning.

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