James Hibberd
November 08, 2013 AT 05:51 PM EST

Social network and office employee distraction vortex Reddit is partnering with cable network truTV to attempt the largest Secret Santa gift exchange ever. Redditgifts will cross-promote with truTV’s series Guinness World Records Unleashed in an effort to break the world record for the largest holiday gift exchange.

Chances are rather high the online Secret Santa gift exchange, founded in 2009, will bust the record — because redditgifts actually broke the world record in 2011 with 30,240 participants and then broke it again in 2012, with 44,805 participants across 130 countries. This year, Reddit is hoping to hit 65,000 participants.

As if getting mysterious (and often bizarre) gifts from strangers wasn’t incentive enough to participate, here’s another: If the campaign for a new record is successful, everyone who participates will be emailed information on how to obtain an official Guinness World Records certificate (who wouldn’t want that on their fridge?).

“We’re excited to be collaborating with truTV to raise awareness of this year’s Secret Santa and make 2013 the biggest year for gift exchanges yet,” said redditgifts founder Dan McComas. “We think it’s a natural pairing for people who are fans of Guinness World Records Unleashed to want to earn their own place in history, and we hope that redditors and those who are new to reddit alike join in the fun and share the holiday spirit around the world.” Official details for how it all works:

Anyone wishing to participate in redditgifts’ Secret Santa 2013 can sign up at http://redditgifts.com/secretsanta. Each user is asked to fill out a profile that includes likes, dislikes and any other information that might be helpful to his/her Secret Santa. Users must have or create a redditgifts account in order to participate.

Each registered user is matched with a gift recipient and a secret gift giver. Secret Santas are encouraged to check the profile information for their gift recipient in order to choose the perfect gift. Reddit recommends each Secret Santa spend around $20 for a gift, which must be shipped by Dec. 20.

Once a participant receives his/her gift, reddit invites them to take a picture and post it to the redditgifts gallery in order to share in the global merriment.

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