Erin Strecker
November 08, 2013 AT 03:18 PM EST

Afraid someone you know might be a little, umm, disturbed?

Send them to Google’s homepage today, where the long-running Google Doodle series is celebrating what would have been the 129th birthday of Hermann Rorschach, the Swiss psychiatrist who created the Rorschach test. Rorschach hypothesized that what people said they saw when looked at his inkblot drawings revealed a lot about them — someone who typically saw people as opposed to inanimate objects might be more extroverted, for example. Although he died shortly after this work, many other psychiatrists in the 20th century fine-tuned his popular namesake test.

Google is having a bit of fun today, allowing users to flip through various pictures and then share what they see via various social media sites. Not surprisingly, #RorschachDoodle is already trending on Twitter.

Kudos to all the brave souls baring their innermost visions — or making a silly joke.

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