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'Doctor Who' Check out the trailer for TV movie 'An Adventure in Space and Time' -- VIDEO

An Adventure In Space And Time


Incredible thought it may be think, there was a time when the idea of a show called Doctor Who, about a weirdo who travels through space and time in a British police phone box battling metal death machines shaped like pepper pots, was not considered a slam dunk. The new TV movie An Adventure in Space and Time details how producer Verity Lambert (played by Jessica Raine), BBC Head of Drama Sydney Newman (Brian Cox), and actor William Hartnell (David Bradley), among others, overcame the doubts of naysayers to come up with the one of the most fervently beloved TV shows of all-time.

BBC America is premiering An Adventure in Space and Time at 9pm ET on November 22, the day before the debut of the much-anticipated Doctor Who 50th anniversary special show. You can check out the just-released U.K. trailer for the film below.