Colleen Hayes/NBC
Samantha Highfill
November 15, 2013 AT 06:01 PM EST

Just last night, Parenthood‘s Sarah Braverman was telling her father that she didn’t need a man. However, that doesn’t mean that her life is completely void of men, especially when it comes to exes.

Sarah often runs into Hank, the man she chose in last year’s finale, at his local photo studio. And now, EW has confirmed that Jason Ritter, who plays Sarah’s ex-fiance Mark Cyr (a.k.a. the man she didn’t choose), is planning a trip back to town this spring.

Ritter will appear in episode 19, where he’ll bump into one of our favorite people, though not necessarily Sarah. However, in a family that close, we’re sure she’ll get word. Ritter is currently slated for only one episode.

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