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See John Ennis get weird in Gap Dream's 'Shine Your Light' video -- EXCLUSIVE


Do you ever get home a little tipsy from a night out and throw an episode of The X-Files on Netflix to drone in the background while you scarf down some greasy cheeseburger you shouldn’t have bought?

No? Oh, we haven’t either. But if we had, we bet that it would be something like watching the new Gap Dream video below. Called “Shine Your Light,” the clip stars John Ennis (Mr. Show) as an alcoholic detective navigating some weird stuff – glitter, goo, grease – in order to find his missing partner. Aliens may or may not to be to blame.

Sound weird? It is! Check it out below:

Gap Dream’s new record Shine Your Light will be available 11/26, but you can click here to preorder it now.

Originally posted November 18 2013 — 11:49 AM EST

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