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Samantha Highfill
November 20, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EST

Who’s up for a quick jaunt down memory lane? Well, I hope you all are, because tonight’s episode of Arrow was nothing if not a throwback to the events and faces of season one. Let’s go!

First up, it was time for Moira’s trial, which meant reliving all of the many mistakes she had made in her life, the biggest one obviously being what she was on trial for — helping to destroy The Glades. Fun fact: When she helped destroy The Glades, she indirectly helped Count Vertigo (and the Dollmaker) escape prison. And just in case you were wondering, no, prison did not change the Count’s ridiculous voice. He was just as theatrical and strange and unsettling as ever.

At the courthouse, it was Hot Paul Adam and Laurel versus the Queens! But when both Diggle and Adam collapsed, Felicity discovered that there had been a vertigo outbreak. Yes Ollie, the Count was out for revenge. Felicity couldn’t figure out how he was picking his victims, but vertigo was quickly spreading around the city. Before Oliver could stop him, the Count (and his incredibly pointy hair) had kidnapped Adam and taken over all the local news stations. He informed the people of Starling City that the horrible feeling they were experiencing was called addiction and that the only cure was more vertigo. Hear that, kids? Drugs are bad! And so is calling yourself “Count Vertigo.” Lame.

While Felicity worked to figure out what could’ve possibly taken down both Diggle and Adam — my first guess was protein powder — Laurel was promoted to lead counsel on Moira’s case. And after discovering Adam’s “trump card,” Laurel risked getting disbarred to go talk to Moira at the prison. She asked Moira not to take the stand, but after Adam revealed that Thea didn’t visit her mother for nearly five months out of anger, Moira needed to defend herself to the jury. So before day two began, Moira sat down with Oliver and Thea to reveal her secret: She had slept with Malcolm Merlin many years ago. I, for one, was hoping her secret was more exciting than that.

With their mother on trial, Oliver and Thea had to find outlets for their many feels. Roy gave Thea some boxing gloves and instructed her to hit him. So the man has boxing gloves but no punching bag? It just didn’t make sense. Ollie, on the other hand, went after the Count as soon as Felicity found his location. But thanks to his new no-kill policy, he wasn’t able to do much damage. Instead, he rescued Adam and got out of there. (Women everywhere thank you, Oliver.)

Back at court, Laurel grilled Moira on the stand, using her affair with Merlin against her. Afterward, in the Laurel pity party of the episode, Oliver asked if she was okay, and instead of thanking him for being so understanding, Laurel went into drama-queen mode and couldn’t understand how anyone could forgive her. UGH. Woman, he just forgave you, so how about you let it go?! I will not feel sorry for you and your made-up drama!

Meanwhile, you know who wasn’t being dramatic? Felicity. She and Diggle realized that the Count was using a traveling flu vaccination van to deliver the vertigo. With Diggle barely able to stand, Felicity went to check it out. Of course, the Count found her, discovered that Oliver Queen was the Arrow, and then gave good ole Ollie a ring. Before Thea could stop him from leaving, Oliver was out the door, because Felicity trumps Moira, y’all! No longer needing his hood, Oliver went to Queen Consolidated to save his damsel in distress.

The Count revealed that he was being backed by a person of power who wanted to draw Oliver out and kill him. But the bad news for said person of power is that the Count is only a decent shot. He got Oliver in the arm before resorting to using Felicity as a shield. He threatened to inject her with vertigo, for which Oliver almost shot him. But Felicity stopped him, begging him not to kill for her. He put the arrow down — his sweet worried face! — before the Count decided to inject Felicity anyway. Oliver quickly put three arrows in the Count’s chest, sending him out the window and down to the street below. He went to check on Felicity, and Olicity fans everywhere swooned. The lesson: You do not mess with his Girl Wednesday Friday. Also, props to Oliver for his super fast arrow draw. If the man were in a Western, well he’d have the wrong weapon, but he’d definitely be faster than his opponent.

Speaking of being fast, Oliver rushed back to the courthouse, where the jury delivered a very suspicious not guilty verdict. Even Oliver didn’t expect it — a sentiment he expressed to Diggle and Felicity at the end of what was a very long day. Diggle was cured and heading home, but Felicity wanted to stop and apologize to Oliver. She had been the reason that he killed again, and she hated that she put him in that situation. He took hold of her hand and explained that, “He had you and he was going to hurt you. There was no choice to make.” If I were a fainter, I’d have fainted right then.

Fainting aside, it’s time for this-week-in-flashbacks: We watched as Oliver returned to the island with Ivo’s men. He lead them to the plane and the graves, but Ivo didn’t find what he was looking for. The hosen — the arrowhead — was missing. Just then, Slade and Shado showed up and saved Oliver. Oliver grabbed Sara, and the four of them ran away. Shado was wearing the hosen around her neck. It contained coordinates to the submarine that would hold the serum Sara claimed would “save the human race.” So it’s safe to assume Slade is only episodes away from becoming Deathstroke, right?

And while we’re talking about the serum, Mr. Blood also made his return in this episode. He was the powerful man behind the Count’s failed mission to kill Oliver, but that’s not all. He seemed to be testing some sort of super serum right here in Starling City. By the end of the episode, one of his guinea pigs was feeling strong, which surely can’t be a good sign.

Twist time! As Moira left the courthouse, she was driven to an empty parking lot, where Malcolm Merlyn showed up! He’s alive! And he wanted to know if their little rendezvous meant anything to her, especially considering the new bit of information he’d discovered recently: Thea Queen is his daughter!! And suddenly, I miss Tommy more than ever.

What did you all think of the episode? The Count was kind of blah, yeah? He had a few good lines, but I don’t have many feelings toward him. Now Olicity on the other hand — could we be getting closer to a kiss?! There was a hand hold. And what about all of this Blood/serum drama? Finally, what’s next for Merlin and his newly discovered daughter? Sound off in the comments!

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