Marc Snetiker
November 22, 2013 AT 05:00 AM EST

Heisler Beer
ISS’ brew is ordered not just by the folks on New Girl (who drink it while playing the equally faux True American game) but by regular consumers who share the fake beer’s name. “We get requests all the time from a large population named Heisler,” Bilson says.

Let’s Potato Chips
The snacks are among ISS’ most popular props. “We know that Let’s looks like Lay’s,” Bilson says of the chips, seen on Orange Is the New Black and Community. “In today’s litigious world, we have to create brands that look [real] but aren’t a giant ad for a company.”

Bilson Cigarettes
“Unfortunately, they use my last name in everything from cigarettes [on Glee and Burn Notice] to feminine douche,” says the owner, laughing. “Now there are above-the-line Bilsons [like actress Rachel], so we’re thinking we’ll be asked to not use the name.”

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