Fred Lee/ABC
Jennifer Arellano
November 25, 2013 AT 04:50 PM EST

A superhero’s work is never done.

Batkid, a.k.a. five-year-old Miles Scott, flew all the way to New York City to continue his crime-fighting ways, this time saving rapper Pitbull, who was locked in his Good Morning America dressing room by the Joker. All it took was a simple stomp of Batkid’s foot to disable the cackling villain, a slap of his hand to break the chained locks on the door, and just like that, Pitbull, who hosted the American Music Awards last night, will live to rap again.

Scott’s leukemia is now in remission after being diagnosed when he was 18 months old. Finished with chemotherapy treatments, his father called this part of his life the “after party,” a “celebration.” On Nov. 15, the Make-a-Wish Foundation made Scott’s dream of becoming a superhero for a day come true, garnering all of San Francisco to cheer him on as he saved various individuals from unspeakable harm.

In addition to messages from actors who’ve played Batman, as well as from President Obama, Batkid also received a special message today from outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg: “Hey Batkid, it’s great to welcome another crime fighter, to the real Gotham, New York City.”

Watch Batkid on Good Morning America below:

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