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Maricela Gonzalez
November 25, 2013 AT 11:15 PM EST

[Spoilers ahead!]

Brian’s sudden passing on the latest episode of Family Guy also marks the death of one of the core relationships of the series: between the loyal, family dog and the youngest and most nefarious Griffin, Stewie. We’ll miss that dynamic, but to celebrate the “Life of Brian,” here are some of our favorite Brian and Stewie buddy moments:

1) The “Road to…” episodes Harkening back to 1940s-50s buddy comedies, the “Road to…” episodes showcase the antics and misadventures of Stewie and Brian. My personal favorite is “Road to the Multiverse,” where we see  Stewie and Brian animated in myriad different styles– from Japanese anime to Disney.

2) “Where’s my money, man?!” In this iconic, twisted Family Guy moment, Stewie beats up Brian, who is late to repay his debt. (Perhaps it’s a little less funny now that Brian has actually died.)

3) Stop! Wait! In “Back to the Pilot,” Stewie and Brian mess with the space-time continuum with disastrous results. Here they satirize the common time travel trope of a future self stopping the actions of a present self.

4) Stewie asks Brian about his novel Brian may be a smart dog, but he still just can’t get around to finishing that novel.

5) Musical numbers Stewie and Brian often enjoyed each other’s company in the form of song-and-dance. In this clip, Stewie and Brian (really Seth MacFarlane and Seth MacFarlane) perform “Heart and Soul” as one does when visiting the nothingness that existed before the creation of the universe:

6) Drunk Brian and Stewie Drunk driving is no laughing matter — unless it involves an animated talking baby and dog.

7) Brian walks in on Stewie shaving For some reason, this makes me laugh every time. Why? Because Stewie and Brian, that’s why!

8) “Brian & Stewie” Personally, I find this episode to be too crass, but it does solidify Stewie and Brian’s relationship on a deep, visceral level.

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