Jeff Labrecque
November 25, 2013 AT 02:00 PM EST

Martial-arts master Jean-Claude Van Damme has gloriously entered the Chuck Norris chapter of his career. No, Van Damme can’t make it rain cats and dogs just so he can solve a mouse problem. But the Muscles from Brussels is much more willing to parody his reputation as a legendary cinematic tough guy and laugh at his own expense. (You may have seen his recent Volvo commercial.)

In the upcoming movie Welcome to the Jungle, Van Damme goes even further, playing a deranged former Marine tasked with training a herd of office drones on an island corporate retreat. He immediately identifies a potential agitator, Adam Brody, and when the group finds themselves stranded in the remote wilderness, it becomes every man and woman for themselves. Rob Huebel and Kristen Schaal co-star in the movie, which will open in theaters and VOD on Feb. 7.

Click below for the exclusive trailer, and see what wild animal dares challenge Van Damme as king of the jungle.

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