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Capsule Movie Reviews (Nov. 26): 'Homefront' and two more

Homefront Review

R, 1 HR., 40 MINS.
Jason Statham fans are a pretty forgiving bunch. After all, the chromedomed Cockney killing machine doesn’t usually share the screen with costars who can do more than grunt. But in his latest knuckle-scraping revenge fantasy (scripted by Sylvester Stallone!), he goes head-to-head with James Franco and Winona Ryder as a bonkers, meth-dealing Bonnie and Clyde. An action flick that knows exactly what it wants to be and delivers the goods. B-Chris Nashawaty

Bettie Page Reveals All
R, 1 HR., 41 MINS.
There have been several good documentaries about Bettie Page, the ’50s pinup queen who was a girl next door with a she-devil inside. But Mark Mori’s film adds substance to the Page mystique. Mori presents never-before-seen photographs and films culled from private stashes, and the movie is narrated by Page, who died in 2008 but lived to see her image become as iconic as Marilyn Monroe’s (“She smiled wth her whole body,” says one wag). Page recalls her life with a throwaway candor that explains much about it. B+Owen Gleiberman

The Punk Singer
Back in the early ’90s, Kathleen Hanna became an incendiary icon of riot-grrrl feminism thanks to her Olympia, Wash., band Bikini Kill and, later, Le Tigre. Then, in 2005, she suddenly stopped making music. Sini Anderson’s absorbing doc reveals why while shedding light on a pivotal movement that made the personal political, through punk. (Also available on iTunes and VOD) BChris Nashawaty