Ray Rahman
November 26, 2013 AT 04:13 PM EST

Cool cars, fancy high-tech pyramids, an endlessly refracted Wiz Khalifa: none of that can compete with a good ol’ fashioned Miley Cyrus cameo.

And while she refrains from twerking in will.i.am.’s glitchy “Feelin’ Myself” video, she’s definitely the clip’s centerpiece, dancing in pretty much every other scene. And even then, she still can’t help herself: “I step in this motherf—er just to make it work/I get on the floor just to make a booty twerk,” she sings, knowing where her bread and (booty) butter is right now.

But even if you’re anti-Miley, there are things that might appeal to you. French Montana, maybe? Take a look below:

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