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Justin Bieber shows off his abs, makeout skills in 'All That Matters' -- VIDEO


No, this isn’t another headline about Justin Bieber defacing a flag, or getting hit by a bottle, or creeping into ladies’ hotel rooms. This is about the music! (Well, that and his three-minute makeout session disguised as a music video.)

In a new clip for “All That Matters,” Bieber gets cozy with a mystery blonde as she drapes herself over various pieces of furniture and vehicles. But his co-star isn’t the only who’s scantily clad: Bieber also goes shirtless, even thrusting into the air at one point. Be still, Belieber hearts everywhere.

Watch the video below:

The Diplo-produced “All That Matters” was released in October as part of Bieber’s Music Mondays. There’s no word yet on whether the Music Monday tracks will end up on a new album.

Originally posted December 2 2013 — 9:22 PM EST


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