Kyle Anderson
December 04, 2013 AT 04:07 PM EST

Next week sees the release of R. Kelly’s new album Black Panties, but the Pied Piper of R&B is already thinking about his next project—one that will send him back to the closet.

This morning, IFC announced that Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet series will be coming back in 2014. No date has been set, nor have the network nor Kelly revealed how many new chapters there are going to be, but to celebrate Trapped‘s impending return, IFC will be airing all 33 chapters of the series this Saturday, December 7, at 5:45 PM (or you can just watch them online).

If you recall, chapter 33 of Trapped In The Closet (which premiered just after Thanksgiving last year) ended with Sylvester (Kelly) and Twan (Eric Lane) outrunning a group of Italian mobsters and crashing a taping of a Jerry Springer-esque talk show Out of the Closet. No matter how much the story moves forward, it’s not anywhere close to being over. “I’m gonna be forever writing these chapters,” Kelly told EW in 2012. “Because now I’ve created a fan base out there that deserves to hear what’s next.”

Kelly also said that he often gets super-method when constructing new entries in the Trapped In The Closet series. “If I struggle with what Pimp Lucius is going to say to Twan, what I will do is sometimes I’ll go and put on a tacky suit and a wig and some tacky glasses and some shoes with heels,” he explained. “I have to really dress up sometimes to get into character for the character to come alive in me.”

So look forward to more of that, as well as to next week’s release of Black Panties (which is currently streaming a week early). The centerpiece, obviously, is “Marry The P—-,” as filthy-silly a track as Kelly has ever produced.

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