Samantha Highfill
December 05, 2013 AT 09:00 PM EST

Callie Torres isn’t exactly having the best year on Grey’s Anatomy. She just barely escaped a potentially career-ending lawsuit, and now she’s desperately trying to put her marriage back together after her wife cheated on her. The good news is that actress Sara Ramirez isn’t letting Callie’s troubles keep her down.

When Ramirez stopped by EW to take the Pop Culture Personality Test, she was less focused on Callie’s tragedies, and more focused on remembering her junior high jam — New Kids on the Block! — and that R-rated movie that she saw too young. “I don’t even know if it was R-rated, but it’s called Orca,” Ramirez said. “It was back in the ’80s. My father took me to see this movie, and it was horrifying and scary. Honestly it may not even be R-rated, but it should have been. It was frightening and traumatizing and I didn’t really want to see Shamu after that.”

Watch Ramirez reveal more of her pop culture memories below:

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