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Samantha Highfill
December 05, 2013 AT 09:28 PM EST

I don’t know about you, but 10 seasons into Grey’s Anatomy, there’s one couple I care about more than just about anyone else: Cristina and Meredith. (Yes, even more than Meredith and Derek.) And with this being Sandra Oh’s last season, I was looking forward to the duo going on morning jogs, making some slutty mistakes — Cristina, not Mer — and cuddling up in a bed full of babies and one very irritated (and very sexy) McDreamy. That’s just how life was meant to be. But instead, I’ve now had weeks worth of arguments, and I can’t take it anymore.

So before I watch tonight’s episode and get angry all over again, I’m taking a moment to relive one of favorite friendships in TV history: The Twisted Sisters. Ironically, these two were much nicer to each other when they were much angrier at, well, the rest of the world. They were competitive. They were dark and twisty. And they were besties.

I miss the days when they were sleeping with attendings, dancing on tables, and making heartfelt declarations at Joe’s bar:

And that was just the start of their friendship. When Mer almost died, Cristina was by her side when she woke up. And when Burke left Cristina, Mer was the one who cut off her wedding dress. And now, after all that, they’re letting the fact that Meredith is a mother and Cristina isn’t come between them. I know their egos are big and that Cristina said some hurtful things, but this has gone too far. These two need to hurry up and dance this one out.

What’s your favorite Mer-Cristina moment?

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