Jessica Shaw
December 06, 2013 AT 05:00 AM EST

Did Juan Pablo Galvais, 32, sign on to The Bachelor for the Right Reasons? Maybe, but you won’t hear the Venezuelan soccer (oh, sorry, football) player say it. “Juan Pablo wasn’t really paying attention when he was on [The Bachelorette], and he left pretty darn early, so it was like coming in with a rookie,” says host Chris Harrison. “If I tried to get him to say one of the cliché lines of The Bachelor vernacular, he’d laugh and say, ‘I don’t understand who says this kind of stuff.'” Not that we’ll be watching to hear Juan Pab’s pearls of wisdom anyway. “He’s definitely one of the sexiest Bachelors ever,” Harrison says. “He’s got the ridiculous body, the accent, and the Latin-lover thing. Women are going to swoon when they see him.” They’ll also cry, sing, and strip. For a preview, Harrison highlights five women to watch when the ABC series premieres on Jan. 6 at 8 p.m.

Cassandra Ferguson, 21
Former NBA dancer
“Cassandra really wows Juan Pablo with her supermodel looks, and you get the feeling she’s going to be this outgoing, ostentatious woman. But she’s just this shy single mom, and that intrigues him. She’s not the only single mom this season. It used to be you were the leper biding your time until you were sent home, but being a single mom is almost an advantage this season.”

Clare Crawley, 32
“She’s the prototypical sexy California girl — blond, happy, sunny disposition, always smiling. But her backstory is that she lost her father, and before he died he recorded a special message for her future husband. She’s just waiting to find that special someone to show the DVD to. Remember Lindsay getting out of the car in a wedding dress? Clare takes it to the next level, but she has the comedic chops to pull it off.”

Elise Mosca, 27
First-grade teacher
“Elise believes falling in love with Juan Pablo is her fate. She has a letter written by her late mother to the casting people to get her on the show. She’s a fan of the show in all of its glory. Sometimes there’s that fine line of ‘I’m glad you love the show, but you have to be on the show.’ She has to temper her enthusiasm.”

Lucy Aragon, 24
Free spirit (No, seriously, that’s what she lists as her occupation)
“She’s unlike any woman we’ve ever had on the show; she’s a flower child through and through. I’m 86 percent sure she stepped out of a time warp from the ’60s and skipped the next five decades. Clothes are always an option, though not the option she usually chooses. It’s hard for the [other women] to get mad at her for showing up naked, because you know she’s going to show up naked. Juan Pablo is really attracted to teachers, moms, nurses, but he’s blown away by her. Is it a novelty for Juan Pablo, or could he really settle down with her? We definitely had to get more money in the budget this year to blur things out.”

Sharleen Joynt, 29
Opera singer
“Sharleen is a world-class opera singer who came in from Heidelberg, Germany. She has a lot of life experience and really rises above the rest in the fact that she’s so mature, so worldly, and so smart. She’s a woman — not part of the girly stuff and the games. Juan Pablo says she has mundo; she has world. She’s not just some guitar player, like Wes. Singing is really what she does for a living. We caught her on camera a couple of times in the bathroom, just trying to keep her voice trained. You hear her and there are literally tears in your eyes.”

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