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December 06, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EST

Heaps of HIMYM scoop, Sleepy questions answered, and the next phase of Revolution — all that and more in this all-new Spoiler Room!

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As Lily has indicated in the past few episodes of this season, she’s less than happy about Marshall’s secret-keeping ways, and when his road journey finally brings him to the Inn, there will be blood. Kidding. But there will certainly be some “twists and surprises,” as executive producer Craig Thomas teases.

“This season — especially the second half of it — is largely about showing where our characters will be heading in the future, so the debate of who will get to pursue their dream, Marshall or Lily, is a big one in determining their next life chapter,” he says. “And it’s such a real issue in any couple: Who’s gonna get what they want and who’s gonna sacrifice?. … The way it plays out contains some pretty big twists and surprises.”

So when WILL Marshall finally get to the Inn? You’ll see, but Thomas promises, “We will get to this issue sooner than later in the second half of the season.”

Lastly, while I’m sure you all have heard, episode 200 is very much Mother-centric and something EP Carter Bays called “a really different, strange episode” that will cover eight years of the Mother’s Life. What you may not know? “We were all fighting tears by the end of [the run-through],” Bays says, “and that’s a credit to Cristin [Milioti].” Thomas adds: “It’s a new trick. We’re showing a new trick in episode 200 that we never could have done in any other season. And to me, more than anything else, episode 200 is why we did season 9. If you were going to epitomize it in one 21-minute capsule, this is why we did season 9. And you’ll see what I mean when you see it.”


Sleepyheads, I adore you and all your questions. And I promise there’s much more from my chat with executive producer Alex Kurtzman coming. Look for some great stuff Monday and in an upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly. For now, here are four of the questions you sent me via Twitter, answered!

After the introduction of Capt. Irving’s family & the announcement of Ichabod’s father, will there be more family members added? — SHollowSource

Well, as you pointed out, Ichabod’s dad is on the way and will be played by Victor Garber. Beyond that, though, Kurtzman said they “very well might” explore bringing in Abbie’s father next season. “There’s definitely a story to be had there and a deep and impactful one for Abbie and Jenny. So it’s entirely possibly that we will,” he says.

I loved Tom Mison’s brilliant sword fighting scenes. Will we see a lot more of him fighting in future episodes/season 2? — @savvyanna10

The upcoming season finale is “massive,” according to Kurtzman. And he means that in more ways than one. “What we love about it is that it’s massive both emotionally and size and scope,” he says. “I think one of the things we’ve always felt is that one of the first questions we always ask when breaking an episode is what is the story about emotionally? It’s not what’s the monster of the week. It’s what’s going on with our characters.”

Will we learn what happened to Baby Crane? At least his name? Thank you! — @Dionysius1

Yes. You’ll find out what happened to his son in the next episode. The next episode is going to be about Ichabod finding out what happened to him.

Anything about Abbie’s storyline in particular we can look forward to? — @shiftingnewton

We’re going to learn some more details about her family AND answer some major questions about Abbie and Jenny’s encounter with Moloch. “One of the big things we’re going to start tackling is what they don’t remember about what happened to them in the forest that day,” teases Kurtzman. “They only remember seeing Moloch and then they blacked out and woke up by the side of the road and then don’t remember what happened. So the mystery of what happened to them is something we’re going to play out. And that may provide us with some answers for some of the bigger threats that are coming.” That’s right…BIGGER. No wonder they needed a two-hour finale.


An exciting mid-season finale on Revolution is going to lead into a second half that will see Monroe on daddy duty! As you may have heard, Mat Vairo is set to play his son, named Connor, in a recurring role when the show returns Jan. 8.

“Trusting that guy into the position of father has brought out some really unexpected and interesting colors in the character,” teases executive producer Eric Kripke.

And not long after we meet Conner, he adds, he will find himself among the group of people hoping to bring down the season’s big bad. “The second half of the season is part of our group marshaling their forces and pulling everyone together — that includes Monroe’s son and Neville — and bringing everyone together against the bad guys,” he says. “Meanwhile, the bad guys’ plan becomes terrifyingly clear as well as the audience getting to know really the big bad of the season, which is the president of the ‘United States’ — in quotes. All the chess pieces are moving into position for a final confrontation.”

Bonus scoop: Look out for the addition of a female warlord named Duncan (played by Katie Aselton), who, Kripke teases, “has a war clan similar to Titus, except she’s not completely bird-sh– crazy.” “Our heroes — though they were battling war clans at the beginning of the season — find themselves in the interesting and uncomfortable position of allying themselves with a war clan in the second half of the season in order to defeat the patriots.” Hit the casting couch in the comments!

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