Sandra Gonzalez
December 10, 2013 AT 05:00 PM EST

Roy (Colton Haynes) is getting bold in this week’s Arrow as he seeks out the truth about a mysterious death for a friend, but his bravery could land the dude in some pretty serious trouble.

“Roy is trying to get more information on Max because Sin has asked for his help. So he gets the information and, in true Roy Harper fashion, somehow ends up sweaty in a dungeon somewhere,” teases Haynes. “He’s sticking his nose in the wrong business.

The exclusive clip below from tomorrow’s midseason finale explains more and hints to the start of what’s going to be a tough episode for poor Roy.

Meanwhile, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said the episode will find Barry Allen finally getting a peek inside the “batcave” but the experience will prove less than thrilling for the Arrow fanboy. “Part of the episode is Barry getting to revel in that and part of it is him getting to see is sometimes it’s better not to meet your heroes because they’re complicated, cranky and maybe jealous of the way you’re looking at their assistant,’ he teased. 

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