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December 13, 2013 AT 05:00 AM EST

Their Brilliant Careers
I demand a recount! Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see Grumpy Cat on the cover of EW as Entertainer of the Year. Sorry, Sandra, but the cat has got you beat!
Bill Rapanault
North Branford, Conn.

I always love your year-end issues! I would’ve chosen two other casts as Entertainers of the Year, however: the cast of Game of Thrones (the Red Wedding was the shock of the year, if not the decade) and the cast of The Walking Dead (the best show on TV).
Marty V. Mitchell
Stanardsville, Va.

No Tom Hiddleston? From his appearance at Comic-Con to his scene-stealing in Thor: The Dark World, he has delivered some of the year’s best entertainment. And I haven’t even gone into how sweet he is to all of his fans. For shame!
Kami Fox
Fredericksburg, Va.

I was surprised and disappointed that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t included. Five movies this year and Sherlock early next year apparently isn’t entertaining enough.
Courtney Garbera

Necessary Evil
Just a quick note to the producers and writers of Homeland: The show cannot “soldier on” without Nicholas Brody. Damian Lewis is my favorite actor on the series, and it was boring without him in several episodes.
Rosie Whitson
Mesa, Ariz.

Lifting the Hood
I loved the review of The CW’s Arrow. It’s an exciting, adult, and witty show. The “soapy romance” you describe is, sadly, Oliver’s equivalent of kryptonite. I think that’s why I was so happy when Felicity appeared. Oliver and Felicity clicked and kept on clicking. Now I can’t imagine what Arrow would be like without their dynamic. I really do hope the series continues to soar!
Alethia Murrell

Correction: The joke’s on us: James Spader does not wear a bald cap on The Blacklist (Hollywood Insider). His extremely short haircut is his own.

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