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Samantha Highfill
December 13, 2013 AT 07:03 AM EST

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the mid-season finale of Reign, stop reading now!

If I’m evicted from my apartment tomorrow, I’m blaming Reign, because that final scene made me pull a Francis. Okay, so I didn’t fall to my knees, but I did scream out in the hopes that true love would prevail, and I do have blonde hair, so he and I have that in common. Here’s what went down in the show’s royally epic — see what I did there? — mid-season finale:

Things kicked off with Mary and Francis being ridiculously adorable. All I wrote in my notes was “CUTEST.” Their naked morning-after was more than my ‘shipper heart could take. Let’s be real: I would’ve watched an hour of nothing but them kissing and flirting. However, my hour was cut way short when Francis got word that the Pope had a message for him. Yep, the POPE. I love this show.

Elsewhere in the castle, Kenna was mad at the King for keeping Diane around. Look, Diane is his habit or his crutch or some other horrible term to use for a relationship, and he couldn’t get rid of her. Sorry, Kenna. You might be young, but old habits die hard. Speaking of Diane, she was still trying to get Bash to agree to being legitimized. He assured her that he didn’t want his brother’s job… but he does want his brother’s woman.

The big announcement of the day was that the Queen of England was dying, and many people believed Mary was the rightful successor. If she makes claim to England and then marries Francis, the two of them could one day rule lots and lots of people. Basically, all I heard was that it was time for wedding! But my celebration was short-lived when stupid Nostradamus had a vision of Francis dying. I’m just about over this dude. The best part of this entire history lesson about England and royalty was the King’s advice to Mary: “Don’t let fear keep you from greatness.” Someone put that on a T-shirt! Also, should we talk about what an awful husband the King is? As if two mistresses wasn’t enough, he just threatened his wife’s life.

Kenna, off on her own, decided to pay Diane a visit when she was mistaken by a priest who thought she was Diane. He told her why he could not legitimize Bash, which Kenna took straight to Catherine. Catherine’s plan seemed to be to hit up the TMZ of the olden days and spread the word, or at least threaten to when she later saw Diane. Catherine claimed Diane’s plan would piss off the King, but Diane wasn’t easily scared. Instead, she told her son to run. She had a plan to get the King on their side, but it involved Bash leaving the castle.

While all of this plotting was going on behind people’s backs, Mary and Francis were off being adorable… again. He understood why she was scared to put a claim on England, so he agreed to lie to the King for now just so that they could get married. They would deal with England later. All he wanted was to love her and to argue with her for the rest of his life. Then, because they couldn’t get any cuter, he got down on one knee and said, “Marry me? Say yes.” Then there was kissing and twirling and running through fields of happiness. This is what royalty should look like!

But of course, Catherine had to stop the wedding, so she told Mary about Nostradamus’ vision of Francis dying. Mary went to visit him herself, where he told her one of her ladies would die before the frost melts. And he was right. Clarissa poisoned Aylee and pushed her down a flight of stairs just before the snow melted. And now, this Clarissa chick is on my list. I know she’s trying to protect Mary, but WTF?

Officially freaked out, Mary decided she had to leave to protect Francis. She would send for her ladies later. It was time to go back to Scotland. Mary told the King that she would put no claim on the English throne. She was walking away from France. Francis tried to stop her. He told her that he only wanted her and that he loved her. “Love is irrelevant to people like us, a privilege we do not share.” She quoted his own words back to him. But she loved him too. He was never going to let her go. He had to talk to his father but he asked her to wait for him. She said she would.

Spoiler: She didn’t. Mary ran into Bash at the stable, where he got her a horse. Because his mother told him to run, Bash decided his destination was the same as Mary’s. It was a royal “I’ll have what she’s having.” Just as Mary and Bash rode away, Francis ran after her. He screamed her name and fell to his knees. And that is where they leave us. Really?! This is worse that the opening of Ever After!!! My heart cannot take this… and yet it must.

So what are your thoughts on Clarissa? Are you excited for Bash and Mary to bond? Personally, I don’t think this show needs the brother love triangle to work. I love Mary and Francis as they are, and I’m a little upset that Bash is going with her, but maybe that will change. And finally, will Mary and Francis ever overcome Nostradamus’ vision?! Please say yes. Sound off in the comments!

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