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Hillary Busis
December 13, 2013 AT 05:03 PM EST

All is not as it seems in the town of Springville — a.k.a. Spooksville, where normal kid Adam Freeman (Keean Johnson) moves with his father after his mother mysteriously disappears. Adam’s adventures form the basis of The Hub’s new series Spooksville, which is based on a popular children’s series by kiddie horror master Christopher Pike.

But supernatural forces aren’t the only thing Adam and his pals have to grapple with. In the show’s very first holiday episode, viewers will learn that Adam’s brainy pal Watch (Nick Purcha) isn’t just a run-of-the-mill genius — he’s on the autism spectrum.

“We wanted to make clear in this episode, and throughout the series, that a person with differences is not a person who is lesser and that, quite often, the opposite is true,” Spooksville executive producer Jane Startz tells EW. “Watch veers from standard expectations. He is on the autism spectrum, is charismatic and appealing, and has much to offer to others. Watch is loved and admired by his two ‘more typical teen’ best friends. More importantly, he accepts and respects himself. His very valuable Christmas gift in this episode’s story line is that he is able to proudly say to the world, ‘I like me for exactly who I am.'”

Check out an exclusive clip from the episode below.

Spooksville‘s holiday episode, “The No Ones,” premieres Saturday, Dec. 14 at 5:30 p.m. ET on the Hub Network.

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