Shirley Li
December 18, 2013 AT 08:03 PM EST

Jeremy Renner has been, well, a lot of things: a superhero, a spy, a soldier, and even a witch hunter. (Is that called a “slayer”? Never mind, that can’t be right.)

Since shooting onto the A-list in 2008 with The Hurt Locker, the actor’s been starring in blockbusters and Oscar contenders, including the currently much-buzzed-about American Hustle. That’s probably all well and good in Renner’s world, but in PopWatch world, we like to remember him in a certain (arguably) iconic role he did 10 years ago (!) before taking over every action franchise.

May we present… the music video from 2003 for Pink’s “Trouble,” in which the young Renner played “Bad Boy Sheriff.”

Look at that smolder, that swagger, that guyliner. Renner didn’t have a single line — it’s a music video, after all — but he’s a memorable co-star. Do you agree, PopWatchers?

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