Jennifer Arellano
December 18, 2013 AT 06:57 PM EST

But who’s going to care for his pet monkey, leave a path of destruction in South American territories, and single-handedly fuel the easily-rippable t-shirt economy?

Justin Beiber told a Los Angeles radio station that he’s quitting the music business on Wednesday.

“I’m actually, uh, retiring, man,” the 19-year-old pop singer told Power 106 FM’s radio show “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”I think I’m probably gonna quit music,” he added in a suspiciously raspy voice with conveniently sunglass-shieded eyes.

But don’t let Bieber’s announcement fool you too fast. We know he has somewhat of a sense of humor when he allowed Zack Galifianakis to lampoon his childish ways on Between Two Ferns in September. And let’s not forgot how he Instagrammed a fake Batman Vs. Superman script in the same month.

TMZ, and the New York Daily News are reporting that his statements are untrue.

What do you guys think? Genuine admission or a timely ruse before his Dec. 23 album release of Complete My Journals? Sound off in the comments.

Watch a clip of Bieber on Power 106 FM below:

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