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Fuse will air all the new Beyonce videos exclusively on Dec. 23

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(Robin Harper)

Unless you have one of those future TVs that can stream stuff from the internet, you’ve been relegated to watching Beyoncé’s “visual album” on your computer, tablet, or Zune. Which is fine, we guess, but can screens that small really capture all that Beyoncé?

Probably not, so Fuse is doing something about it. The network has announced that it will air all 17 of the album’s videos on Dec. 23, just in time for Christmas. The program will be titled Beyoncé: The Visual Album and will air at 8 p.m., timed perfectly to make sure you can watch Beyoncé in roller-girl shorts with your parents.

In related news, Target – which pointedly announced that it would not be selling Bey’s new album – confirmed that it suffered a security breach that resulted in 40 million customers getting their credit and debit card information stolen, because Beyoncé always gets the last laugh.