Hillary Busis
December 20, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EST

Even die-hard Saturday Night Live fans might have trouble telling the show’s six new cast members apart. (So many white dudes!) But it’s easy to pinpoint SNL‘s brightest emerging stars: newly minted “Weekend Update” coanchor Cecily Strong, who doubles as a frequent sketch MVP (we could watch her ex-porn star hawk Manolo Blahniks all day), and her good pal Kate McKinnon, who’s got a knack for impersonating everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Ann Romney. What makes Strong and McKinnon, both 29, so great? Just take a look at how they fielded the following question during an interview in SNL‘s greenroom.

Entertainment Weekly: I want to ask each of you to tell me a secret about the other one. A printable one.

Strong A printable one — is it rude to say you love to giggle after you pass gas in our dressing room?

McKinnon I prefer a different thing. [Laughter]

Strong Aidy [Bryant] and Kate once held eye contact — we shared a dressing room last year with Aidy, and then Kate moved out.

McKinnon I still come back. Um…a secret about you? That’s printable.

Strong I know, that’s what I’m saying! Like, what’s printable?

McKinnon There was that one time — remember when we went to the movies that time? And saw the movie…

Strong The Guillermo del Toro movie?

McKinnon No, The Conjuring. We saw that together. That’s my secret. [Laughter]

Strong That’s your secret?

McKinnon No. I don’t know. You’re very — she’s very political. She’s, like, so, so smart, so informed.

Strong Wow. I said you fart and you giggle at it. And yours was really nice.

McKinnon You could leave it at “fart,” it’s fine.

Strong Let me say this: Kate stands…Kate is a mountain. [McKinnon laughs.] And she stands like a mountain. She’s always in, like, a triangular stance. She leads crotch-first, I would say. Like, her vagina is there in every conversation. A lot of, like, legs up. [Strong demonstrates.]

McKinnon I’m a physical comedian first — and I’m a woman before that.

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