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Capsule Movie Reviews (Dec. 24): '47 Ronin' and two more

47 Ronin Review

47 Ronin
PG-13, 1 HR., 59 MINS.
With a budget north of $175 million, Keanu Reeves’ CGI-festooned epic about a band of score-settling samurai is undeniably easy on the eyes. But it’s also a bit of a folly. The acting’s stiff, the accents are hard to decipher, and the plot is stale Kurosawa. Still, there are a few fleeting moments of haunting beauty and grandeur. C+ Chris Nashawaty

Grudge Match
PG-13, 1 HR., 53 MINS.
It’s supposed to feel like Rocky vs. Raging Bull. Really, though, this tale of two old boxers, Razor (Sylvester Stallone) and the Kid (Robert De Niro), just pummels you with clichés. Yet that doesn’t mean the actors aren’t winning. The fighters, who each defeated the other once in the ’80s, have reunited for a grudge-match payday. Stallone draws on the battered nobility that first made us like him, and De Niro does something crafty: He acts the hell out of phoning it in. B-Owen Gleiberman

Walking With Dinosaurs
PG, 1 HR., 27 MINS.
The dinos, with leathery hides and razory teeth, look marvelous, but their mouths don’t move when they talk. As a result, the tale of Patchi (Justin Long), a gawky thunder lizard, plays as if disembodied voices had been ladled onto a CGI feature. The lame story has too many migrations, not enough taut situations. COwen Gleiberman