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Samantha Highfill
December 24, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EST

Some of our favorite TV characters are often unlucky in love. They just can’t seem to find The One — but what if The One is on another show altogether?

Right about now, the fate of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Matthew Taylor is TBD. The mid-season finale ended with Jackson interrupting Matthew’s wedding to April by pronouncing his love for Matthew’s bride. But which hunk will April choose? Well, while we wait, I started thinking about what I wanted to see happen. In my perfect world, I think April belongs with Jackson. There’s something to be said for being that comfortable with someone. So then what happens to Matthew? Don’t worry. I’ve got big plans for him.

Currently on Scandal, Quinn Perkins is making some very, very, very bad romantic decisions. Running back into Charlie’s arms (and therefore the arms of B613)? That was probably the worst choice Quinn’s ever made, and she doesn’t exactly have a great track record. However, I still think Quinn is a good girl at heart, and I think she just needs to find the right guy to pull her away from all the murdering, torture, and general unhappiness. Enter Matthew!

Here’s how I see it going down: After being dumped at the altar by April, Matthew moves clear across the country to Washington D.C., where he resumes his role as hunky EMT. While on a coffee break, he spots a wounded Quinn walking down the sidewalk. Quinn, having just been tortured by Charlie for information on Olivia, tries to wave him off, but once she catches a glimpse of his gorgeous face, she agrees to let him up to her apartment, where he stitches her up free of cost.

In the middle of an emotional breakdown, Quinn tries to convince him to leave, that the stuff she’s involved with is way too dangerous for a stranger (which is true). But Matthew stays. He sits with her on her couch until she falls asleep. The next morning, she wakes up to a hot breakfast and a note on her coffee table. Matthew left his number right next to a vase of flowers. Quinn smiles, but it only lasts a moment before she remembers that Charlie will likely be coming after her. She decides to throw Matthew’s number away for his safety. She knows she shouldn’t pull him into the world of B613. But just as she throws it away, she feels like all hope has left her life, so, in a desperate attempt to be happy, she quickly grabs the number and dials it. They agree to meet for dinner.

The dinner starts off perfectly: Matthew looks handsome in a suit, and Quinn is breathtaking in a form-hugging little black dress. The two bond over favorite TV shows and their shared scrapbooking hobby. However, about 20 minutes into dinner, things go terribly wrong when Charlie shows up and knocks Matthew out cold before taking both Quinn and her new beau to B613. Charlie ties them both up before Jake, now Command, tells Charlie to let them go. Charlie reluctantly obliges.

With Matthew asking all kinds of questions, Quinn takes him straight to Olivia Pope. Together, they bring him into their world. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to have an EMT on speed dial, would it?

Matthew learns enough (but not too much) and decides to stay in Quinn’s life. He pulls her out of the darkness of B613 and back into the (dim) light of OPA. She now spends her days working for Olivia and her nights snuggling with Matthew. With a little danger in his life, Matthew feels more alive than ever. And with an honorable man by her side, Quinn feels safer than ever.

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