Annie Leibovitz for Disney
Jake Perlman
January 09, 2014 AT 09:40 PM EST

Taylor Swift got to show off her blond locks as Rapunzel, and now Jessica Chastain gets to prove that redheads can have just as much fun.

Chastain is the latest star to pose for photographer Annie Leibovitz in her growing Disney Dream Portrait series as part of the Disney Parks advertising campaign. In addition to Swift, the campaign has featured Queen Latifah as Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen and Alec Baldwin as the Magic Mirror from Snow White, and Jeff Bridges and Penelope Cruz as the Beast and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, to name a few.

Chastain appears with bow and arrow on a horse as Scottish princess Merida from the 2012 Oscar-winning animated film Brave. The two-time Oscar-nominee spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the photo shoot. “I definitely see her as a modern princess. She’s headstrong, she’s funny, she has great passions,” Chastain said. “She’s a good role model for little girls.”

Check out a the clip below:

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