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Golden Globes: Jennifer Lawrence's Dior dress inspires a fashion meme

Jennifer Lawrence Meme

(Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

American Hustle star Jennifer Lawrence’s dress was couture, but last night’s hottest fashion meme demonstrated how to get the look for less using a few household items.

As the actress walked the red carpet in a white silk Dior gown, the “Lawrencing” meme was born.

Everyone from Arrow’s Colton Haynes to fashion blogger Bryanboy, and even a pretty Puggle showed the Internets how to recreate Lawrence’s gown using just a white sheet and some black electrical tape.

See our favorites after the jump.

Arrow star Colton Haynes went full Lawrence, accessorizing the look with the scary face the actress made as she crept up on an unsuspecting Taylor Swift.

Fashion blogger and America’s Next Top Model correspondent Bryanboy even managed to find the items in his hotel room.

No need to call PETA. This pup looks perfectly content in his new faux-couture look.

This knockoff looks comforter-able, no?


To be fair, as EW’s Denise Warner previously pointed out, The Little Mermaid’s Ariel was way ahead of the Lawrencing trend, rocking the look back in 1989. Maybe she was the inspiration for Lawrence’s Dior gown.

What do you think of the Lawrencing fashion meme? Head down to the comments to weigh in.


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