Hillary Busis
January 14, 2014 AT 02:43 PM EST

The bad news: Soon-to-be-ex Community star Donald Glover’s latest short film has 100 percent less Topanga than his previous effort.

The good news: It does, however, feature three and a half minutes of Glover wearing a supremely goofy hat as he reads a particularly dark e e  cummings piece, waxes poetic about a moth’s Sisyphean attempt to find the moon, and ponders the ethical implications of eating Chick-fil-A with his pals Steve and Swank — all while attempting, clumsily, to roll a joint.

It’s the sort of quasi-intellectual work we’ve come to expect from Glover in his Gambino persona, who may be best described as “the second-smartest guy in your introductory philosophy seminar.” You can find even more musings in the actor/rapper/filmmaker/bad joint roller’s new cover interview with Complex, where he discusses leaving Community, his soul-searching Instagrams, and his latest album, which is titled — seriously — Because the Internet.

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