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Entertainment Geekly Podcast: 'True Detective' and 'American Horror Story'

Entertainment Geekly 03

(Michele K. Short/FX)

The Entertainment Geekly podcast returns today with a TV-centric episode focusing on the TV shows we’re currently obsessed with. First off, me and co-conspirator Jeff Jensen talk about HBO’s new noir True Detective. From there, we dive deep into the American Horror Story ocean, debating the merits of this season’s Coven versus the crazy-house opera that was Asylum. Suggestions for further reading: Jeff’s full take on True Detective and my recaps of Coven.

Listen to the complete podcast below or check us out in the iTunes store. Tweet arguments and counterarguments to us at @EWDocJensen and @DarrenFranich. We’ve been gone for awhile. Now we’re back. Our New Year’s Resolution: Release a new podcast every Wednesday.

Originally posted January 15 2014 — 2:54 PM EST

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