Sundance 2014: Kristen Stewart on Guantanamo film 'Camp X-Ray' |

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Sundance 2014: Kristen Stewart and cast talk Guantanamo film 'Camp X-Ray'


Director Peter Sattler and stars Kristen Stewart, Payman Moaadi, and Lane Garrison sat down with EW’s Sara Vilkomerson to talk about their new film, Camp X-Ray, which explores the relationship between a young woman stationed in Guantanamo Bay (Stewart) and a detainee (Moaadi).

Stewart is a far cry from her Twilight days in the film, donning military garb and bonding over the Harry Potter books with Moaadi’s character. Playing a prison guard, Garrison (Prison Break) admits his role was a new experience as well: “It was nice for me to not play a prisoner for once!”

Camp X-Ray premiered at Sundance on Friday.  Check out the full interview below.