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Richard Madden fondly recalling his first celeb crush is priceless -- VIDEO

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While Discovery’s miniseries Klondike, which stars Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden as prospector Bill Haskell, will teach you a thing or two about the gold rush, EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test will reveal a few fun facts about the actor. Watch the video below to learn his first celebrity crush, which award-winning TV show he’s behind on, the movie he tries to watch twice a year, and the one romantic comedy you might be able to get him to sit through. 

Klondike continues through Wednesday, airing nightly at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery. Listen to the clip below of Madden stopping by Entertainment Weekly Radio to discuss his lack of Klondike headwear and having a friend who owns a replica Iron Throne. (Massive Game of Thrones spoiler alert!)

Here’s more from Madden on the making of Klondike, which required him to dogsled, film on a frozen lake, dig a costar out of a fake avalanche in a real avalanche zone, and jump into Class IV river rapids. Listen below.