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'Helix' video: Who is THAT? -- EXCLUSIVE!

Helix Clip

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Syfy’s new remote-location terror series Helix ended last episode on an explosive cliffhanger, with communication to the outside world cut off. Also cut off: Infected doctor Julia, trapped down in the isolation area and unable to tell anyone that the much-vaunted test doesn’t actually work. In this exclusive clip from this week’s episode “Single Strand,” Julia finds herself in trouble down below…and is rescued by a mysterious savior. Watch below:

Who is that in the gas mask? And how does this fit into my probably-incredibly-wrong Molecular Paradise Lost theory? The episode promises “deadly consequences,” which presumably doesn’t mean that everyone puts aside their differences for a lighthearted game of Texas Hold’em. Find out more “Single Strand” airs at Friday at 10 PM on Syfy.