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'The Walking Dead' cast, producers tease 'more brutal world' in second half of season 4 -- VIDEO


With their prison home in shambles, the The Walking Dead gang is on its own during the second half of the fourth season.

In this trailer for the show’s return, the cast and producers talk about life outside the prison for the now-scattered gang and the “brutal” world that awaits the micro-groups. Also, after the devastating loss of Hershel, some of the members will find themselves juggling their fears over their new, terrifying circumstances with intense grief that will affect everyone differently. (Look out for a very angry Maggie.)

As for increasingly zombie-looking Rick? He seems to be in for a roller coaster, too, as Andrew Lincoln talks about the character’s lingering physical and psychological damage.

In sum? It’s a brutal world out there…and they’re dead men walking.

The Walking Dead returns Feb. 9.