Hillary Busis
January 27, 2014 AT 03:08 PM EST

Wait, what’s that you say? Miley Cyrus didn’t even attend the Grammys, much play a song there?

In this, you are correct; though Cyrus did perform a few tunes at Clive Davis’s annual pre-Grammys party, she opted not to show up for the awards ceremony itself. (Getting totally shut out of the nominations can have that effect; see also Gaga, Lady.) The Bangerz singer did, however, spend the night making music — at least in some capacity:


Hee. And her tweet, naturally, was followed by exclusive “video” of Cyrus’s big performance, a.k.a. a grainy Instagram clip of Miley wearing ginormous sweats and playing “Rock and Roll All Night” with intense concentration. Even more remarkably, her tongue stays in her mouth the whole time. Maybe this is all a clever viral campaign for Cyrus and KISS’s inevitable duet at the 2015 Grammys?

video of tonights performance ❤️

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