Jake Perlman
January 29, 2014 AT 06:06 PM EST

Miley Cyrus brought some of her Nashville roots to her MTV Unplugged special airing tonight — and had a special material cowgirl join in the Hollywood Hoedown.

Unplugged is known, of course, for offering an intimate environment for artists like Nirvana, Bob Dylan,and Jay Z to play classic songs from their catalogs, often with a smattering of covers. The question in Los Angeles last night was, would Cyrus be able to control her wrecking ball in that supposedly more subdued setting?

Yeah, we didn’t think so either. Of course, no cowboy-themed festivity would be complete without a giant costume horse, so Miley has one of those onstage — and as expected, she twerked all over it. (The dancers inside the horse seemed to really be enjoying it though; then again, they probably had no choice.)

Cyrus said having her own Unplugged special was a dream come true, and thanked MTV for letting her do one, calling them “brave.” Her Bangerz tour doesn’t kick off until Feb. 14 in Vancouver, so this was the first time many of the songs from that album have been performed live. Miley honored her godmother Dolly Parton by playing one of her hits — you’ll have to tune in tonight to find out which, since the song list is embargoed until it airs — and sporting a svelte pink plaid jumpsuit with a short blond bob wig.

“Today is one of those days when it’s easy to get out of bed,” Cyrus told the crowd of family and friends, referring to the fact that she got to perform with one of her idols, Madonna. The two closed out the set with a mashup (still can’t tell, sorry) that just may rival Madonna and Britney’s infamous VMA kiss.

Who knew Miley and Madonna were such close friends? I mean, I assume only close friends would slap each other’s butts on national television and do some pretty risqué line dancing. Madonna, dressed in all black, presented Cyrus with cowboy hat  to go with her sparkling ripped denim and bikini top. Cyrus said you can look at life two ways; half clothed or half naked. Either way, she’s pretty great unplugged.

Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET. and check out Miley’s interview with MTV News after the performance below:

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