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Sneak Peek: Jonathan Taylor Thomas returns to 'Last Man Standing' -- VIDEO

Having JTT on our TV again just feels right, doesn’t it?

The folks at ABC’s Last Man Standing seem to agree, as they’ve brought back Home Improvement alum Jonathan Taylor Thomas for another go on the show that stars his former Improvement dad Tim Allen as Mike Baxter.

In the guest appearance, airing Friday, Thomas reprises his role as oldest Baxter daughter Kristin’s (Amanda Fuller) boss John and finds himself to be on a shortlist of suspects in a mystery involving some unlabeled flowers that were delivered to the Baxter home. There’s just one problem with lumping him in with the group of possible flower senders, which you’ll see in the video below. Let’s just say Kristin is a little red-faced.

Last Man Standing airs Friday as part of ABC’s block of family-friendly programming that starts at 8 p.m. ET.

Originally posted January 30 2014 — 4:27 PM EST


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